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All right, for the first time in almost 5 years I have done an update to the site design. I have done a complete makeover to the website by changing its design, content and functionality. Also added a blog feature to the site. I will publish periodically important info and articles, tech news & trends, free scripts etc., depending on how much of free time will I have available.

Site is designed using wordpress theme with responsive web design approach, so it works in an iPad or a smartphone be it an Android, BlackBerry or an iPhone. Cool isn’t it? :)

I would love to hear any review or feedback on my website, please feel welcome to contact me or drop your comments here.

That’s it for now, I will write my next blog soon.


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    Mukesh Jethani

    My name is Mukesh Jethani and I’ve been developing websites and web applications since 2001. I am passionate about creating stylish and engaging websites for businesses who require an impressive online presence. Find out more about me.

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